Flappers wore revealing outfits. Their dresses would be bright in color and short, usually above the knees. Their hair would be cut short like a bob cut and they would wear Women who wore these outfits were usually seen at parties or night clubs. When people would see the ladies dressed like this they would think that they were knowledgeable about fashion.

Marathon Dancing

When people went to marathon dances they would have to pay to get in. Women would wear short dresses which showed off their legs and long necklaces, men would wear tuxedos and a hat with a feather in it. Marathon dances allowed people to dance all night long, nonstop. As you can see in the picture to the left people would fall asleep and their dance partners would have to hold them up so that they wouldn't get disqualified from the marathon dancing. Some people even got hurt while they were marathon dancing. Whoever won the marathon dace would win money and prizes. However, these dance marathons weren't so easy. Some marathons didn't allow people to stop dance for even five minutes. Some dances that were at these dance marathons were, "The Charleston," "The Balbo," "The Shag," and "The Fox Trot."