In the 1920s there were no TV's so the people would listen to their radios. When the people tuned it they could listen to comedy shoes, news, live events, jazz music, variety shows, drama, or oprea. By 1923 nearly three million people owned radios. Radios were also used for newspapers being read so that the people could know what was going on. By 1922 there were 600 radio stations. In 1921 Chicago got its first radio station called KYW. It played Opera six days a week. After the opera season ended they started playing different things, popular music, classical music, sporting events, lectures, fictional stories, newscasts, weather reports, market updates, and political commentary.

Movie Theaters

In the 1920s theaters became a big hit. Going to the movies was like a "magical experience." People loved going to the movies so much that they later started calling them "picture palaces." When people walked into the movie theaters there would be ushers to lead them to their seats. The ushers would be all dressed up in uniforms. Some of these movie theaters were the size of cathedrals. Theaters had movies, plays, and many other different things to watch for entertainment. Some of these movie theaters had marble-lined halls. People could even bring their children when they went to the movie theaters. This is because they had nurseries in the movie theater. They also had things like dance floors, restaurants, and art galleries. Movie theaters were great places for people to go to get entertainment. They could watch a movie and go out for supper, without having to worry about their children.